The VALUE we strive for at Vendome means we tailor our teams to your specific need.

On large scale projects we will assemble a team where their high level expertise is needed to solve critical problems. We have built a reputation for solving the kind of problems found in the “too hard” basket using this method.

For every large project, there are numerous smaller projects that can be completed quickly and successfully by small teams of senior experts and dedicated users – as reflected in ‘Agile’ or ‘Rapid’ development methodologies.

Our Accessibility and Expertise lend themselves perfectly to delivering smaller projects such as:

Streamlining ungainly Excel into smart SAP reports

Implementing new SAP features to help you leverage your software investment

Performing upgrades to comply with new regulatory requirements

Interfacing third party solutions with your SAP system

Customising SAP when ‘Off The Shelf’ functionalities fails to meet business requirements

Fee Structure

The Versatility we bring to our work is reflected in the way we tailor all of our solutions including our fees. With the Low Overheads of our boutique and agile approach; we develop our teams, solutions and rates directly in-line with your needs. We are even prepared to assist you with scope definition to ensure a practical and accurate definition.

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