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One size DOES NOT fit all. Just as no two government departments or businesses are the same, then neither should their service contracts be. At Vendome Consulting we design our Support Services Agreement (SSA) for you, your needs, your infrastructure, so you pay for what you need – nothing more.

We understand that clients with stable well-established IT solutions and smaller platforms do not necessarily require one of our tailored SSA support packages. We designed an even more Versatile and flexible solution we call Support As Required (SAR). As the name suggest we respond as and when you need. This has been developed for our clients who need one or less days of support per month.

Our Support Services Agreement (SSA)

  • You can engage us for an agreed number of days per months, based on your expected needs (e.g. one, two or more days per month).
  • We strive to assign the same developer, in order to maximise productivity and communication channels.
  • You can create a prioritised scope set to be completed by our developer.
  • Our developer is available to work remotely or on site, depending on your needs.
  • When possible, we will arrange mutually suitable support dates in advance, so your work can be scheduled efficiently and disruptions minimised.
  • We are Versatile and flexible. We can adjust your level of support according to your needs: if your requirements fluctuate during the year, we can reschedule or renegotiate our SSA accordingly.

Our Support As Required (SAR)

  • We can offer hourly rates when your support requirement is sporadic or less than one day a month.
  • Your service request is logged through our simple in-house logging.
  • Vendome then assigns you the first available specialist.
  • If your needs change or we notice that your support requirements are exceeding SAR standards we will work with you to transition from SAR to the SSA level of support you need.


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